Akira needs our help

Jemma Boisen

SINGLE mum of two, Valli Slater, 34, is raising money to get her daughter Akira an assistance dog.

Akira, 3, has autism, development delay and atypical childhood epilepsy with negative myoclonic seizures.

Valli, Akira and Valli’s other daughter Amaya, 4, live in Tin Can Bay and travel to Gympie every day and Brisbane often to get Akira medical help she needs.

Akira had a rough start, she was born with bad reflux, which caused her to cry continuously for six months. Ever since Akira was a year old, Valli knew there was something different about her behavior and development.

Over the years, Akira has been to numerous doctors and this week she started medication to treat her epilepsy, but the side effects include nausea, dizziness and loss of appetite.

Every 10 minutes Akira’s epilepsy forces her body to jolt and her head drops, causing her to fall and on many occasions hit head had.

Valli had has to give up her career to become Akira’s full-time carer.

Akira needs an assistance dog but that will cost $20,000.

“It’s hard being a single mum and not working, I receive some money from Centrelink but that only covers basic living essentials.

“I need to reach out to the community and ask for their help to donate money so my child can have an assistance dog, “Valli said.

If you would like to contact Valli and help, phone 0410370510 or email vallislater@gmail.com

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