Coondoo school memorabilia

Jemma Boisen

COONDOO property owner, Graham Scott, recently discovered a metal, toy cowboy gun on his property, which shares land with the closed down Coondoo State School.

Mr Scott purchased the property back in 2011 as a semi-retirement place. The property backs on to the school, which has been shut since 1968.

Recently while walking through the field, Mr Scott stumbled across a metal, toy cap gun. He recognised the toy gun and believed it to be from the late 50s, early 60s.

“I know the toy gun is very old, because I use to own one when I was little,” Mr Scott said.

The toy gun is metallic in colour, with a western star and with the words “Texan” written on it.

“If someone went to Coondoo State School and remembers losing their old cowboy gun, then

I hope to return it to them,” Mr Scott said.

Mr Scott is very interested in history and when purchasing the property he did not know the land was shared by an old school. To his surprise, in 2012 when Mr Scott was ploughing the paddock he came across a patch of concrete, it turned out to be the schools old cricket pitch.

They currently have 100 head of cattle on the farm and aim to maintain the cricket pitch, with hopes that past students would like to see some memorabilia.

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