Garage sale to help areas hit by the big dry

Jemma Boisen

GYMPIE’S Teresa Cobb is organising a community garage sale on Saturday, November 28 to support drought-affected districts such as Winton and Yaraka.

Mrs Cobb heard the idea from a Brisbane woman who had a similar thought and wanted to help families in areas suffering from the big dry.

“I chose these small communities because they don’t receive enough attention,” Mrs Cobb said.

Mrs Cobb and her husband Mike can relate to the families who are struggling because they used to live in the drought-affected area.

“The drought is absolutely awful. It looks like it will be the worst one the communities have seen since the 90s, which lasted for five years,” Mrs Cobb said.

The garage sale aims to raise money and receive items to donate to the families in time for Christmas.

Many people from around the Gympie region have been donating a range of items such as furniture, exercise equipment, books, Christmas decorations and more.

Winton Shire Council has organised a system where cash cards are distributed to locals so they are able to spend the money in the town.

All donations from the garage sale will be sent directly to the Winton and Yaraka councils.

Mrs Cobb’s community garage sale for drought relief will run from 6am-noon at 4 Archer St, Southside.

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