Honest Saxon finds missing money in a taxi

Jemma Boisen

EARLIER this week Lindy McConville lost a bag full of money but fortunately for her, Saxon Cornwell, 12, found it in a taxi.

The Gympie West student did his good deed for the week when he found the money bag down the side of a taxi seat while on the way to school.

Lindy has disabilities and became very distressed when she discovered that her money was gone. She gets blackout and memory loss so she believed someone had stolen her money when she was in the shopping Centre.

Gary Anderson, a taxi driver who drives Lindy around frequently didn’t notice the money  she left behind.

“I picked up Saxon and other special needs kids every day,” Gary said.

“They always search through the car to find stuff and I tell them they can keep whatever the find.”

Saxon was excited when he found the money in the car. He was amazed to see so many $50 notes in a bag.

“I haven’t seen that much money in my life,” Saxon said.

Gary contacted his boss, Barry Fallon, who then found out who the money belonged to.

Mr Fallon is close friends with Lindy and her family.

Lindy’s mother, Narelle Parry, was very happy when she discovered someone found her daughter’s money.

“Lindy and the family are very thankful for Saxon’s honest and Lindy would love to reward Saxon,” Narelle said.

Debbie Cornwell, Saxon’s grandmother was very pleased to hear about her grandson’s honest.

“He is a good boy that loves to play softball. I am so proud of him for telling the truth,” Mrs Cornwell said.

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