JCU student offered career in comedy

ian zaro

Ian Zaro Picture: Zak Simmonds -Townsville Bulletin

James Cook University student Ian Zaro decided to pursue a career in comedy after his online videos went viral, catching the eye of the producers for the ABC show Black Comedy.

By Jemma Boisen

Ian Zaro has always had a passion for comedy, producing lip-syncing videos and hilarious ‘how to’ guides in his free time to post on social media.

He  discovered his love for performing on a leadership camp in his final year of school, when improvised a skit in front of his whole cohort, leaving them in tears of laughter.

“People began giving me standing ovations, and I thought comedy is what I should do,” he says.

It wasn’t until March this year, when the ABC program Black Comedy invited Ian to participate in a five-day workshop in Sydney, that Ian believed he was on his way to fame.

Black Comedy producers reached out to Mr Zaro via Facebook, telling him that they “would love [him] to consider coming to the workshop [they] are running for series two of Black Comedy.”

Ian  was one of 15 chosen out of 95 applicants from all over Australia to participate in the performance workshop.

High school classmate and close friend of Ian’s, Amanda Birnie, says that he has always had a knack for entertaining.

“Ian was the class clown … he has been funny since the day I met him back in 2008,” Miss Birnie says.

“We did the school musical in grade 12 and that is when Ian got compliments on his comedy and he decided this is what he wanted to do.

“I love his videos, they make me and my partner laugh…I love being tagged in every video he posts and I hope his success will grow and grow,” Miss Birnie says.

Ian Zaro has decided to defer from James Cook University so he can start his career in comedy, and will return next year to finish off his Bachelor of Arts degree.

In the future, Ian hopes to become a famous comedian.

“I hope to achieve success in comedy and maybe make it to the big screen…I want to finish my degree next year, this year I want to focus on Black Comedy,” he says.

The videos that made Mr Zaro an Internet sensation can be found on his Facebook pages, Ian Zaro and IanZ. You can also find Ian on YouTube

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