Low acts add to Lindsay’s misfortunes

Jemma Boisen

THEY say bad luck comes in threes, and for Lindsay McConville she has had her fair share of bad luck.

Lindsay was diagnosed at 11 years-of-age with an aggressive brain tumour. Doctors gave her a life expectancy of six months to two years but after many surgeries and another tumour she is now 39 years old.

Lindsay is mentally and physically disabled and suffers from epilepsy and her right side of her body has nerve damage so she needs the support from a walker.

In the last year, Lindsay has been robbed three times, each time losing items from her purse.

The first occurrence she lost more than $800 from her purse while she was in her unit. The second time only $30 was taken, while she was a sleep and from a person she thought was her friend and only recently, while at the shops she was robbed again of her money and cards.

“I don’t know what is wrong with society…I don’t understand why anyone would want to take advantage of a disabled person,” Lindsay’s mother, Narelle Parry said.

Lindsay cherishes the little bit of independence she has.

She lives in her disability unit with her husband and has daily visits from her carers from Bravo Disability Service Network.

Narelle, Lindsay and her carers are meeting up to discuss future plans for Lindsay’s safety.

“We have to think about her safety and we might have to put her in a home.”

The police have been notified but there are no leads yet on who stole Lindsay’s money.

If you know anything please contact police.

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