Pets posing with Santa

Jemma Boisen

Four legs, two fins and furry coats – all types of animals are lining up for a Christmas photo with Santa.

Bring your animal friend to the Goldfields Plaza on Sunday December 20.

Santa Paws is an annual event and major fundraiser for the RSPCA.

In previous years all animals have been welcomed including guinea pigs, alpacas, fish and even snakes can come see Santa.

The Santa Paws is held from 9am to noon and only costs $15 for a photo, where all proceeds are donated to the RSPCA.

If you don’t have a pet to bring to Santa, the Gympie shelter is overfilling with animals begging to have a home.

“We are at crisis point at the shelter. We have over 100 animals to be adopted,” RSPCA Gympie volunteer, Evelyn Aldridge said.

Space is running out so the RSPCA has created a $99 Tradies Special on working dogs instead of the normal price of $315.

“We have lots of staffies, kelpies and cattle dogs for the $99 special and most of our adult cats are on special for only $20,” Evelyn said.

It is extremely important to remember before adopting a pet that you have a suitable environment, keep up with their vaccinations and plan to have a long time commitment with the animal.

To donate to the RSPCA come along to the Santa Paws day or visit the Gympie shelter to adopt a furry friend.

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