Runner finds the silver lining

Jemma Boisen

Cooloola Christian College runner Hannah Pamuk has won silver at the Athletes With Disabilities Nationals and is already looking to her next competitive outing.

This is the second consecutive year Pamuk, 17, has won a silver medal place in the 800m at the Melbourne event.

The runner is known as a T20 in her running category, which refers to an intellectual impairment.

The 800m race included eight other young adults with disabilities, including cerebral palsy, visual and hearing impairment.

Pamuk started running three years ago when her school encouraged her to compete in the cross country. She then made it to the finals in Tasmania and qualified in fourth position.

The athlete trains for an hour two or three times a week with personal trainer Heidi Dechink.

Pamuk made the Queensland team competing at a national level by qualifying at school followed by the Gympie school region level and, lastly, Wide Bay.

“Hannah has had great support from her school and employer at Gympie Pet Supplies,” the athlete’s mother Julie Gilliland said.

In the future, the runner plans to study animal handling and pursue a career in the Police Force as a dog handler.

“I need to be fit and healthy if I want to work for the police,” she said.

Next year, Pamuk and her mother hope to compete in the Australian Junior Championships in Perth, which is supported by Queensland Athletics.


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