Crazy Cat Man wins Gympie photographer national award


Jemma Boisen

AWARD-winning Gympie photographer Bambi Gosbell, 37, has won three silvers and a bronze at this year’s Australian Institute of Professional Photography Awards.
The third-generation photographer has been in the business since she was 15 years old. She began her professional career in 2005 and has won many awards since then.
One of the award-winning photographs Bambi captured recently was The Crazy Cat Man, which won her a silver.
The photo portrays Daniel Chapman and his two rag doll cats that have just had a litter of six kittens.
Daniel is dressed in vintage clothes while sitting on a cat-scratched, tattered couch, surrounded by all these white, gorgeous kittens.
Bambi was inspired to create a stereotypical crazy cat lady photo but upon finding Daniel and his eight cats, she believed this was a nice twist to the photo.
After 30 hours of computer editing, 200 photos taken and merged, 30 different layers resulted in 27 cats and a fantastic, quirky photo.
Bambi loves to take photos that are not only beautiful but also can tell a story.
“I love photos that mean a lot to me and that mean a lot to my clients,” Bambi said.
Bambi has been involved in many community programs, such as photographing at the NICU- Neonatal Intensive Care Unit- at the Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital and being a supporter of the heartfelt website – –
“I am an emotional photographer and I am inspired by others in the Australian institute,” she said yesterday.
“We feed off each 8other’s ideas but we 8always put our own original style to the photo.”
Bambi likes to challenge herself and produce the best photographs that tell the story of her clients.

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